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Teen Halloween Party!

front yard of Halloween Party host

We had the privilege of spinning the music at a local Teen Halloween Party.  It was SO MUCH FUN!

These folks not only know how to decorate for Halloween, but they also know how to have a safe and fun party for their kids and their teenage friends.  It’s always a bit hard finding what music will get teens dancing, and this gig was no different, but once I figured it out, they were out there having tons of fun!

Did Someone Really Just Request That?

I must say, this was the first gig I’ve had where a teenage partier came up to me and requested that I play 80’s dance music!  I mean – what’s that all about?  But I played it, and they danced to it.  It also got mom and dad to start mouthing the words and gyrating – with appropriate decorum, of course!

If these folks have any other parties, I truly hope they remember Denni Ruze when choosing a DJ.  They were a lot of fun, and very helpful to me in setting up and breaking down.  I would totally be down for their next party, whatever and whenever it is!

We ended the night with Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the kids were totally ready for it!  As the last track of the gig, I waited until the song was halfway over, and then I started speeding it up!  I think there was only one guy that kept up with the beat until the end.  To him I say – CONGRATS!!

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