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Our DJ Setups

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We offer a variety of DJ Setups, depending on:

  • Type of event
  • Venue
  • Budget


Our music setup is consistent.  We bring a professional DJ controller and two speakers.  Each speaker is mounted on a stand.

We do not use a stand-alone subwoofer.  In the excitement of a happy event, when people are up dancing, we can certainly crank the volume.  However, we feel that a huge subwoofer – especially at high volume – can shake some things up that really shouldn’t be shaken.

Our professional speakers provide rich-sounding music whether they dinner music or dance music.  We know you’ll be satisfied.


We bring two wireless microphones to each event.  One microphone is used by the DJ, and the other can be used by event participants for speeches, announcements, etc.


Lighting is sometimes the only reason that people hire a professional DJ.  Good lighting can provide a festive ambiance to almost any venue.  We have several different lighting options to fit your needs.


GigBARMost people having small events love our GigBAR.

  • Easy up.  Easy down.
  • Small footprint.
  • Perfect for home parties or smaller venues.

Although it comes in a small package, our GigBAR is feature-packed!

  • Two LED Derby fixtures
  • Two LED wash lights
  • Laser
  • Four LED strobe lights

LED Wash

LED Wash LightsWash lights are used to set the mood of the dance floor.

They literally wash the dance floor in color.

LED Wash lights can also be used to provide uplighting.  This can give a venue additional elegance for your event.



Moving Heads

Pocket SpotMoving heads are the lights that people get excited about!

Spot LightsWe have a number of these lights available to make your next event memorable!

(Please note that we will not set up lights for an outdoor event held only during daylight hours.)

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