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Denni Ruze Productions FAQ

We love answering your questions.  We compiled this list of questions we get asked the most.  If your question isn’t on here, you can still ask!

Denni Ruze Productions – the Company

Who is Denni Ruze?
Denni Ruze Productions was named after an ancestor of our founder.  You can read all about Dennis Rose on the About Page
Is Denni Ruze Productions hiring?
We are but a wee, humble production company.  However, for some events or videography services, we may bring in additional staff if needed.  If you are interested in working with us, please drop us an email
Where is Denni Ruze Productions located?
We do not have a public bricks and sticks location.  However, you can get an idea of our general area of coverage on our About Page
What payment methods does Denni Ruze Productions accept?
Cash is our preferred payment method.  For DJ gigs, we expect payment immediately at the end of the gig.  In some cases, we may require a deposit.

We will accept some credit cards, but we do attach a 5% processing fee.  These are the cards we accept:

Visa card iconMasterCard iconAmerican Express Icondiscover card icon



Please note that WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS.  (We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.)

DJ Events

How do I get Denni Ruze Productions to spin at my event?
You can use our form to get a free quote, or you can send us an email.  Whichever works best for you.
Does Denni Ruze offer any discounts?
We almost always have some type of discount or promotion going on. Please visit our Promotions and Discounts page for everything you need to know.
What do your DJ clients say about Denni Ruze Productions?
Please read some of our client testimonials.
How long does it take your DJs to set up for an event?
This will depend on what the venue is and the requested lighting.  However, we will give you a pretty good time estimate prior to finalizing the gig. 
Is your music child friendly?
We offer family friendly DJ services.  As such, you can rest assured that our music does not contain dirty lyrics.  In most cases, we will have a clean version of the song you want. 
Do your DJs take requests?
Our DJs will do their best to accommodate your requests.  It will be up to you whether we take requests from your guests.  However, if you elect to have us take requests from guests, we do not discriminate.

That being said, the very best way to ensure that we have the songs you want is to provide us with a Must Play list prior to the event.

Why doesn't Denni Ruze have a standard pricing model?
We don’t use a “standard pricing” model because we try really, really hard to offer the lowest possible price for our services. For more information, please refer to our explanation for this.
Do you have a generator for outdoor events without power?
We do not have a generator.  However, we would be happy to rent a generator. 
What kind of music do your DJs play?
Our favorite kind of music is the kind you want to hear!  We can play pop, rock, hip hop, R&B, Latin, country, even Christian.  You tell us what you want. 
Will your DJs emcee events?
Our DJs love to talk on microphones!

For the best possible result, we request a copy of the event schedule in advance, as well as a list of any names we’ll need to pronounce.  

Will Denni Ruze play charity events?
Denni Ruze is happy to bring the beat to charity events.  Sometimes, we even play for free!  For more information, please review our non-profit sponsorship.

Videography Services

Is there a price list for videography services?
The spectrum of videography services is so vast that we do not have a standard price list.  Each quote we give is specific to the service being provided. 
Can you add background music to videos?
Absolutely!  However, we will only add royalty-free or otherwise legally licensed music to videos we produce. 
What kind of quality do your videos have?
We generally provide HD video (1920 x 1080).  However, we do have the capability to provide 4K video if the situation warrants. 
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