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Denni Ruze Productions FAQ

We love answering your questions.  We compiled this list of questions we get asked the most.  If your question isn’t on here, you can still ask!

Denni Ruze Productions – the Company

Who is Denni Ruze?
Is Denni Ruze Productions hiring?
Where is Denni Ruze Productions located?
What payment methods does Denni Ruze Productions accept?

DJ Events

How do I get Denni Ruze Productions to spin at my event?
Does Denni Ruze offer any discounts?
How long does it take your DJs to set up for an event?
Is your music child friendly?
Do your DJs take requests?
Why doesn't Denni Ruze have a standard pricing model?
Do you have a generator for outdoor events without power?
What kind of music do your DJs play?
Will your DJs emcee events?
Will Denni Ruze play charity events?

Videography Services

Is there a price list for videography services?
Can you add background music to videos?
What kind of quality do your videos have?
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