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DJ Crispy

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Note: DJ Crispy is on an extended leave of absence.
Currently, we do not know when
~ or if ~
DJ Crispy will return.

DJ Crispy Promo PhotoDJ Crispy is a recent addition to the Austin DJ scene.  Coming to us from Chi-town in early 2017, he likes his music like he likes his cars: fast with a heavy pedal!

His personal music tastes range from hip-hop to contemporary rock, with a little classic rock thrown in for good measure.

When he’s not performing, Crispy shoots hoops, loves making people laugh, and he’s an avid gamer.

How tall is too tall, DJ Crispy?

Very few people in this world ever look down on Crispy.  He stands 7 feet 3 inches tall!  To say it another way, Crispy is 2,210 consecutive vertical millimeters of pure DJ goodness!

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