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What’s in the name?

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Some folks aren’t quite sure how to pronounce our name, so we’ll make it simple.

  • Denni rhymes with penny and many.
  • Ruze rhymes with blues and clues.

When you find penny blues with many clues, don’t forget Denni Ruze!


Our company is named after Dennis Rose, direct ancestor to our founder.

Dennis immigrated to the United States with his parents and siblings in the late nineteenth century.  They came from Bohemia.  Their family name was actually Ruczika, which they shortened to Rose to better fit in their new country.  Dennis was previously known as Dennick before his name change.

After their arrival in New York City, Dennis and his family made their way to Chicago, and there they made their home.

Dennis worked in the print industry for all of his adult life.  He enjoyed fishing, painting, and following the Chicago Cubs.  Dennis was also an avid bowler in his heyday, scoring one perfect game in league play.

Dennis Rose passed away in 1977.  However, we’re sure he was looking down and watching when the Cubs won the World Series in 2016!

What’s in the name?

By naming our production company after Dennis Rose, we are reminded that music – as well as all media – is really a melting pot of ethnicities and creativity.

Just as the emergence of hip hop helped to break down some racial barriers between African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Whites and other ethnic groups in the South Bronx back in the 1960s and 1970s, Denni Ruze Productions strives to bridge the gaps between generations by providing a broad spectrum of musical entertainment.

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