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DJ Moe

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DJ Moe Profile PicDJ Moe has been involved in music for decades.  In school, he played horn in a rock band, as well as in a youth symphony orchestra.  Although he no longer plays the horn, he’ll still tinker at a keyboard with beats, jingles and progressions.

It’s no secret that DJ Moe is no longer in his twenties, or even his thirties, but he can still bring the beat and play the hits.  He does a pretty good job of keeping up with all genres of popular music.  DJ Moe is one of the few remaining active DJs that has “first hand” knowledge of the music scene over past decades.  If asked why he still wants to DJ at his age, he’ll typically say, “As long as it’s still fun, I’ll still do it!”

DJ Moe’s personal music tastes are pretty eclectic, depending on the activity.  When he’s reading or writing, he’ll turn to classical.  When he needs some energy, he’ll put on hip-hop, pop or classic rock.  Country music is saved for road trips.  If he just wants to chill out, he’ll listen to mind music or the smooth vibes of jazz or R&B.

DJ Moe has spent huge blocks of his life on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as in service to the State of Texas.  He is happily married to his Texas Dove – Theresa, and is the proud parent of two adorable chihuahuas.  Outside of music, DJ Moe likes to read and write fiction, podcast, and spend entirely too much time watching YouTube videos.

DJ Moe posing in the DJ booth.
DJ Moe in his element!

Why does DJ Moe wear a skull cap?

People often wonder why DJ Moe wears a skull cap during most events.

DJ Moe is a cancer survivor, and the skull cap signifies his support of all cancer prevention and treatment fundraisers.

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