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Round Rock Quinceañera

Round Rock Quinceañera 20171104 Setup

Denni Ruze Productions was privileged to bring the beat to this Round Rock Quinceañera event on November 4th.

I say “privileged” because this is an event that only comes ONCE in a woman’s lifetime.  We were so honored to share this joyful event with her family and friends.  The event was at a private venue, but the attendees were ready and willing to CELEBRATE!  I mean, after all, isn’t that what these events are for?  To celebrate a milestone in a young woman’s life?

Round Rock Quinceañera Table 20171104Round Rock Quinceañera ~ the Right Way

This girl’s mother and father really knew how to celebrate a quinceañera, too!  The food and drink were plentiful, and the ceremony was very touching.  And the attendees?  Oh my God, did THEY know how to celebrate!!

At the request of the girl’s mother, we started the evening with a classic rendition of the Hokey Pokey, and all the attendants participated in the middle of the dance floor.  We followed that with a few line dances, and it just escalated from there.  The crowd was divided between classic Latino music, salsas, country, pop and more line dances.

The dance floor really got a workout that night.  When I switched between genres on the controller, one group of dancers took a break, and another group took over.  Also, I believe the small lighting setup we brought along was absolutely perfect for the event!

We did our very best to keep up with them,  but even after the “last song” was announced, we went on to play two different renditions of Justin Bieber’s Despacito because the crowd just didn’t want to stop celebrating!

All in all, this was a fantastic gig, and we were thrilled to be a part of it!  Our very best congratulations to the birthday girl!  (She knows who she is!)

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